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Dialog Bahasa Inggris Untuk 4 Orang Lengkap

Ini Dia kiriman Dialog Lagi dari Siswa SMA Negeri 2 Selong :

Nama : Anggia Septian Jauhari
Kelas  : XII_IPA
Asal Sekolah : SMA Negeri 2 Selong

Yang Mengirim Dialog Bahasa Inggris Untuk 4 Orang, Dia Ingin Berbagi Karena Agak Susah Mencari Dialog DI internet untuk 4 orang jadi dia ingin Dialog ini bermanfaat untuk semuanya, Langsung Saja di SImak :

Dialog Bhs.Inggris (4 Orang)

Indra              : Haii, gus…!!!
Agus               : Haiii…
Indra              : What’s wrong with you…?
Agus               : I feel bad now.
Indra              : Why…?
Agus               : I have a problem with my dad.
Indra              : What ‘s your problem with your dad…?
Agus               : Mmm…
                        My dad always arrived home late, and he always say about job.
Indra              : What’s wrong if your dad arrived late. Maybe he want to finished the job.
Agus               : But I think he was lying.
Indra              : why do you say your father was lying?
               : because he looked suspicious, he always just never noticed me, he always lied with an employment base. I do not like it.
              : Okey, I agree with you, but you also have to understand how the state of your father, he works too right for you, he wants to find money to make you happy.
              : if he did want to see me happy should he pay attention to me.
              : Yes, but now maybe he is being a lot of tasks, so there is no time for you, so try to understand how kedaan your parents.
Okey gus ...!!
               : but I do not like how.!
              : please, believe me, even though I'm not your father, but I also have a father who was busy, but I'm trying to understand. And it's a result he is now sanget watching me.
               : But I'm not you Dra ..!
Nuro and Anind : Haiii guys…
Indra              : Haiii…
Anind             : how are you indra?
Indra              : Im fine, and you?
Anind             : Im fine too..
Indra              : What about you nuro?
Nuro              : Im fine too.
Nuro              : Hei guz, how are you???
Anind             : yehh, how are you guz..!!!
Agus               : im fine…!!!
Nuro              : Gus, what’s wrong with you, you look angry.
Agus               : I don’t believe my dad, he always arrived home late and the reason is job, job and job.
Anind             : Ooooo, I see, but you don’t think your father bad maybe he doing that for you, for your future.
Agus               : I don’t think so, I think he never care with me.
Nuro              : Nothing impossible agus.
Indra              : Yeah, I agree with you.
Agus               : But impossible you know. I can’t belive my dad. He always lying… lying…
Anind             : You must try to belive your dad.
Nuro              : Yes, you’re right anind.
Indra              : You must be smile agus. Show to your father if you care with him. I’m sure he will care with you too.
Nuro              : That’s right, you must positive thinking.
Agus               : Mmm, thanks friends for your suggestion.
Anind             : Ok, no problem. We are best friend. We must help to one another.
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