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Origami Pita Lucu

Origami Bow

Origami bow
I saw this super cute kawaii origami bow on a blog called Zakka Life and decided to make it. The pattern is from Tweety Atelier and written in Korean. Luckily origami diagrams are only slightly harder to understand than Ikea instructions, so it was doable.
origami bow instructions 1
Number 4 was the hardest step for me.
origami bow instructions 2
Steps 7-8 are sort of misleading from the pictures. 7 is instructing you to open up the paper, so the image in 8 is 4 times larger than the image in 7.
origami bow instructions 3
Step 9 is instructing you to cut along the 4 lines. I still always feel like cutting origami seems a little blasphemous for some reason! (Perhaps it is just because I’m such a beginner at origami, and when you cut it you can’t open it back up and start over when you mess up!)
origami bow instructions 4
Steps 13 and 15 involve cutting again.
That’s it! Mine sort of looks like a clown’s tie because of the paper I used. I just want to put these cute bows on everything! I used this first one to girlify the fiance’s computer. :)
origami bow on computer
I love the way Tweety Atelier made a garland out of the bows. And that red gingham paper?? I have origami paper envy now!
origami bow garland
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